Pat Clark

Pat became involved in fitness through sports, martial arts and military service. He studied Exercise Science in college and spent much of his early life training the same way: a mix of traditional body-building exercises, Olympic lifting and running. By a certain age he noticed his joints hurt frequently and he felt less mobile. He only felt strong in specific positions and sprang for the ice pack whenever he challenged his range of motion. After he began training with Greg and Sarah and discovered there was more to life than bicep curls (although he still does these from time to time). Pat enjoys functional movement, tumbling, high intensity interval training, working with heavy maces and clubs and rucking local trails. His day job involves many hours in front of a computer so he enjoys the close-knit sense of community found at the Chapel Hill Movement Gym.

in HIS own words

“I strongly believe in the transformative powers of a good mindset and consistent practice that you truly enjoy. We are more than our bodies, but our basic physical structure is where it all begins. If you make yourself stronger, more flexible, more agile, then chances are good that you will sleep better, have less pain, and feel more confidence and clarity in all your pursuits. It doesn’t matter what practice you choose, so long as it’s yours and you truly believe in it. I want to help you find the practice that works best for you, starting with thoughtful training.”




  • BA in Exercise Science
  • ACSM