Who we are & what we offer

We are Chapel Hill Movement Gym — affectionately known as Chill Movement. to be North Carolina’s standard bearer for mindful strength, mobility, and overall movement training. We specialize in kettlebells and calisthenics, but we use any tool gets the job done: maces, clubs, gymnastics rings, and more. You’ll learn to jump, throw, climb, roll, fall, tumble, lift heavy things, and move with purpose. And to do all that with confidence and stability, not fear or pain.
If you want to be:
  • stronger
  • more flexible
  • more durable (aka less likely to be injured)
  • more coordinated

Chapel Hill Movement Gym is the place to help you get there.  You just have to provide the time, commitment, curiosity, and moxie.

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what to expect

Our group classes:

  • Are accessible to all fitness levels. From complete newbies to seasoned athletes — everything we teach is scalable, allowing for all levels to work together in class. 
  • Will rely on a variety of different modalities and equipment, such as kettlebells, bodyweight, Indian clubs, weighted clubs, maces, parallettes, gymnastics rings, and more.
  • Will build your strength, increase your work capacity (AKA cardio  — though ours is much different than what you may have experienced), assess and improve your motor control and generally try to optimize your mind and body for whatever your particular needs and goals are.
  • Are coach-led, so you’ll receive plenty of constructive feedback.

Arguably the best part of group fitness is the community aspect. You can do quite well working out on your own, but doing so with a group takes things to another level!




Our team


Over 50 years experience across many modalities including, but not limited to:

Kettlebells, barbells, olympic lifting, calisthenics, Indian clubs, maces, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, neurocentric training, and more! Click on either of the pictures to read about our owners. Or click on the ABOUT menu for a full list of our current coaches.

Sarah Woods

Coach, Mastermind

Greg Woods

Coach, Henchman

Contact Us

We are located in Suite 5 of the old Chapel Hill Printing building. Although our address is Fordham Blvd, you’ll get to us via the access road called Dobbins Drive that runs parallel to Fordham. Call us if you get lost or have questions!

1821 N. Fordham Blvd. Ste. 5, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

919-697-8585 or 919-726-7187