“Research your own experience; absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially your own.”
-Bruce Lee




It’s a little cliche to lean into a great quote, but it really does capture what we’re trying to do here. We’re always learning, but also constantly pruning.

Sarah and I have each been associated with multiple gyms and many great educators in fitness: GMB, Animal Flow, USA weightlifting, Z-Health, StrongFirst, and FRC. We first met as coaches in a CrossFit gym. Our deepest and most committed professional connection has been our nearly 3-year affiliation with Agatsu.

While we appreciate all we have learned from these groups, we can’t say that we primarily “belong” to any one of them. Nor do we think it’s absolutely necessary. You can maintain friendships, good will, and mutual appreciation/promotion while comfortably allowing for the existence of differing views.

We don’t all have to train in one way. It’s not one right way vs. many wrongs — there are many rights and many wrongs, and they shift depending on the context. We’ll often get asked about how, why, and when we do a particular something and our usual answer is “It depends.”

We want to represent ourselves clearly. We want to be as sincere as possible — to teach from a place of total authenticity. Which means we are inevitably always moving towards greater personal and professional autonomy. We’re always trying to better explain what we do and why.

We have worked under many banners, coaching and practicing under a wide variety of philosophies. Lately, we’re most interested in articulating our own philosophy.


So what DO we believe? How do we train?

Different people need different things at different times. Regardless of where you’re at, if you’re serious about your goals then you must be involved in your own process. You have to pay attention. You will improve exponentially just by being present with your goals and actions.

The act of exercise is easy. The challenging stuff is:

  • Exactly what kind of exercise am I supposed to do for my goals?
  • …and how much of it? How often? How intense?
  • How do I balance strength work, mobility, endurance, food, recovery, and all the other things I’m supposed to be doing?
  • How do I stay consistent?
  • Can it be fun?

This is where we come in. We want to help you find answers for all of it.

Just as our professional arc has tended towards greater autonomy, so too has the focus of our training. More than anything, we want people to access the greatest degree of autonomy they can. Our training is intended to build a high level of general physical fitness (GPP). That means making you strong, flexible, adaptable, resilient, assertive, kind, hopeful, useful, and generally just excited to be alive and moving.

There is no way to be elite at all things, but we do believe it is possible to develop one’s physical, psychological, and intellectual selves to such a degree that you are maximally prepared for nearly anything that life throws at you. Once you’ve got that strong base, you can better access and work on the skills that are more specific to your lifestyle.

That’s why we’ve got all this great equipment, backed by the knowledge of a combined 30 professional years of study and practice!

Our focus is longevity. Sustainable strength. Less pain and fear. A higher quality of life.


How we do it

All that said, we have a variety of offerings to fill in the spots you need most.

Our Strength & Movement class implements our vision of the best way to train for GPP. It’s maximally accessible, ideal for building a stronger base of strength and movement no matter what level of experience you have. Mobility, endurance, and movement skills — a little bit of everything. 

We also have more specific classes such as Mobility and our Kettlebells, Clubs, & Maces class (the latter being currently on hold due to the pandemic). In the future we’re planning a Base Building class, focused on fitness for martial artists, as well as a Barbell class and maybe even a competitive Kettlebell Sport team.

Click here to read more about our classes, personal training, program design, and more!

This variety and openness, constantly learning and evolving, is what guides all we do. We’re asserting autonomy of our business precisely because we’re trying to teach (and learn) more about autonomy for the individual. We want to build a physical culture of happy, skilled, capable people.


So allow us to reintroduce ourselves as Chapel Hill Movement Gym.

You can call us C.HILL MOVEMENT. Or just Sarah and Greg. Whatever your preference! Just come see us. We look forward to training with you!


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